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Your tutor: Terence Janericco
Chef Terence Janericco started working for a caterer in his youth and has been involved in creating fine food ever since. He has taught not only in his school but in schools across the country, including Newbury College and Boston University. He is Boston-based and for over thirty years has taught people to cook better for themselves and their friends, either through his day or evening classes in the congenial home environment of his cooking school in historic Bay Village, in the heart of Boston, or during the summer months at a seaside cottage in Maine.

He is also a food writer who has virtually created his own culinary library. His books include the First Edition of The Book of Great Hors d’Oeuvre, as well as The Book of Great Breakfasts and Brunches, The Complete Book of Sandwiches for the Professional Chef, Breakfast and Brunch Dishes for the Professional Chef, The Book of Great Soups, Sandwiches and Breads, Soups for the Professional Chef, Fabulous Fruit Desserts, and The Gourmet Galley.

Cooking lessons
Join us cooking American or ethnic favorites in our Five Week Courses and Single Session Classes, or create your own classes in Create A Class.

Our small classes provide not only regularly scheduled Five Week Courses and Single Session Classes but you may also Create A Class. The classes are a generous three hours and are limited to groups of eight people for participation classes or up to eighteen people for demonstration classes at our location, or more if it is held at your location. After preparing a meal in the class students will dine, either buffet style or seated, in the dining room. All of the recipes and materials are provided except for your favorite pen or pencil.

Five week courses . . .

These classes meet once a week in the morning or evening for five consecutive weeks. The classes are small, usually fewer than eight students and all materials are provided. Of course you will dine on the food prepared.

Gourmet Cooking
In this course you learn the fundamentals of fine cooking. We demonstrate how to saut?, roast, broil, etc. You will gain knowledge of the basic sauces, correct techniques of food preparation to enhance flavors and create delicious desserts. The class starts the novice on the right path while helping the experienced cook better understand the techniques of cooking.

Italian Cooking
The foods of Italy have captured the taste buds of food lovers for centuries. These easily prepared, delectable dishes are so appealing whether from the sophisticated north, rustic south or any province in between. The menus provide variety, flavor and healthy food. Join us to explore the breadth of the Cucina Italiana.

French Provincial Cooking
Travel France in your own kitchen and learn the healthy heartwarming foods of this fabulous cuisine. We describe the specialties of each region as we visit and create the foods of this extraordinary cuisine.

Asian Cookery
The foods of Asia fascinate us with their delicate, light, tastes and ease of preparation. We focus the classes on the wishes of the students providing menus from Thailand, Vietnam, China, Burma, and Japan.

Baking and Desserts
Learn to prepare the luscious, beautiful desserts you have enjoyed in fine restaurants, or those heartwarming home made delights. We teach you to prepare the pastries, fillings and icings. We will teach you not only how to prepare fabulous desserts, but also the pastries for savory hors d'oeuvre and main courses.

Foods Around the World
Learn the enormous variety of foodways from any country of your choosing. Enjoy the delights of Scandinavian, Austrian, South African cooking and many more.

Single Sessions . . .

These classes concentrate on a particular area of cookery. The classes meet either morning or evening,and they can be made for a couple of friends to share or up to a group of eighteen people - the choice is yours.

Master how to use yeast to create such favorites as French bread, foccaccia and holiday sweet breads. Discover how to make quick breads, such as scones, biscuits and tea breads. This class will prepare you to create virtually any bread recipe.

Company coming? Are you concerned about spending too much time in the kitchen? Want something wonderful available for emergencies? Casseroles are the answer. You will learn to prepare delicious quickly prepared delights to have on ready for when you need them, without a lot of last minute attention.

Hors d'Oeuvre
One of our most popular classes: our years as a caterer have given us a matchless ability to teach you to prepare hors d'oeuvre for every occasion. You will master all that you need to know for successful entertaining, whether you are planning a nibble before dinner, or need to organize a full scale cocktail party.

Store bought? Freshly prepared? What sauce? We answer all of these questions while teaching how to prepare delectable pasta dishes. We explore the enormous variety of this subject.

Indulge yourself. In this class you will discover how to work with chocolate to prepare the most impressive, sensuous desserts. We cater to your wishes to create gateaux, torten, mousses and candies with skill and ease.

Vegetarian Cooking
Learn to prepare delicious vegetarian meals for family and friends. Nutritious and delicious, these dishes will please all.

Tapas are delicious dishes that can be eaten as a snack, a first course or a selection of them can make a meal in themselves. Whether seafood, meat or vegetables there is a great variety of foods to enjoy with family and friends.

Create Your Own Class

At Terence Janericco Cooking Classes, they can customize their classes to meet your needs. Whether you want a class for a special occasion such as a shower, or to celebrate a birthday, or to learn a particular dish or technique, they can meet your needs. They will be delighted to work with you to set up a class or course for you and your friends, specifically designed to meet your particular needs. Ordinarily, they offer this option at the school but they can of course arrange to provide the class at your home or other suitable location of your choice. The charges for Create Your Own Class are the same as for regular classes so why not take advantage of this opportunity to do something really special with your friends or associates.

This is just an example of what is available. To find out more contact Terence Janericco.

  Terence Janericco Cooking Classes
42 Fayette Street
MA 02116
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