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Web designFor many years I worked in sales and the one thing I always prided myself on was the quality of any written quotation or presentation I submitted. It was not going to win me orders but there is one thing for sure - badly laid out or badly written quotations or presentations would certainly lose business.

The same is often true of web sites. It still astonishes me how many badly designed, or badly put together, web sites are still out there. Many of these businesses would be far better off with no web site.

A bad web design will do so much damage to a business.

What does it say?

Lazy, don't care, not to be relied upon - shoddy site equals shoddy goods or service. Can you trust someone like that?

Low cost digital photography makes for better web sites

What's the problem

It's just too expensive to have a new web design! Of course it is if you go to a web design company with too many mouths to feed, an expensive office and which wants to build you an all singing and all dancing web site showing how clever they are . . . but does nothing for you business.

Catch the eye and you are halfway to putting the message across

"Simplicity is the key to happiness in the modern world" ~ Dalai Lama

And one area of modern business that this most applies to is web sites and their design.

  • An expensive web design is only appreciated by other web designers.

  • Visitors to your site are there for one reason alone: to obtain information.

Once you accept the internet is about information and that content is God you have the potential for good web design and a successful web site.


I don't need to bore you with lots of text about the whys and wherefores of web design. Advice is free so why not take advantage of getting some third party input.

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