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Ireland . . . get the experience, the choice is yours

Dublin is one of Europe’s most accessible capital cities, with flights from all across Europe and the Americas and regular ferry services from the UK.

The Craic . . . it's a spirit, an essence you can sense in a buzzing room. The craic is a Guiness beer, you and a few friends!

From the buzzing hearts of Dublin and Belfast to the remote coasts of Antrim, Galway, Cork and Kerry, each of the nine regions offers visitors a completely different experience.

You may not spot a Leprechaun but you will see one of the most wonderful countries and enjoy some of the greatest hospitality in the world.


Cooks Academy Dublin's Premier Cookery School
Cooks Academy provides cookery lessons in a relaxed environment for people who love cooking or just food! Learn how to create sumptuous meals, including plenty of do ahead tips for entertaining, in the state of the art Siemens Kitchen with the team of professional cookery tutors. You can choose from six week evening courses, a one off demo or hands on class to inspire you or go all the way with the Professional Certificate Course.
The Belle Isle School of Cookery
Discover the delights of cooking in a relaxed atmosphere, with expert tuition, using top quality seasonal Irish produce at the Belle Isle School of Cookery in Northern Ireland. The School's hands-on cookery courses and demonstrations will introduce you to some of Ireland’s most exciting and innovative culinary ideas in a cookery school in one of the most beautiful settings in Ireland.
Dublin Cookery School
If you are serious about food, Dublin Cookery School is a great destination to choose. It is a stunning facility staffed by passionate and talented chefs who are delighted to welcome participants from outside the country.
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