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France . . . tradition and modernity handled with style and self-confidence

What European country other than France could draw north and south together so effortlessly? In France, the Mediterranean, Celtic and Saxon influences merge into a single, exuberant cultural statement.

And yet, the regions take a pride in their own distinctive traditions with the same self-confidence that they give to their Frenchness. In food especially, they celebrate the differences. Through glorious wines and exquisite cheeses they assert their individuality and their unwillingness to decline into uniformity.

Old hands return because their beloved France is always unexpected, never fully explored. Each valley is as unique as the food it produces.


Cooking in the Loire Valley
Learn how to cook great meals and beautiful dishes in the heart of the beautiful French countryside of the Loire Valley, staying at the beautiful chambre d'hote, La Blanchettiere, set in the middle of the French countryside surrounded by stunning scenery and with fantastic gourmet dining.
Ferrandi -Paris
Ferrandi has a 25,000 square metre site located in the heart of Paris is dedicated to culinary arts: cooking and service, catering, bakery and pastry, and restaurant management . . .
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