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Lynda Booth’s Dublin Cookery School is Dublin’s most acclaimed cookery school in Dublin. The flagship course is the Three Month Certificate Course. The format has been carefully thought out to provide variety and challenge and the opportunity for an intense focus on broadening food knowledge and skills. After twelve weeks, students will leave with an extraordinary set of recipes, a confidence to improvise with a wide range of ingredients and a skill level that will open up professional opportunities. Click here to read the guest chef line up and what marks out this course as a very special opportunity.

"If you have a genuine interest in food and a desire to learn more about it then, trust me, do a course with Dublin Cookery School and have the most rewarding days you'll ever spend in a kitchen. It is such a great learning environment”. Participant on one week course.

If you are serious about food, Dublin Cookery School is a great destination to choose. It is a stunning facility staffed by passionate and talented chefs who are delighted to welcome participants from outside the country.

The school built its name as the outstanding school for budding cooks in the city but, as its reputation has grown, it has started to attract students from outside the country in increasing numbers. We are delighted to advise you on courses that would best suit your needs, whether you want to drop by for a fun weekend or see this as a starting point for a professional career. Situated in Blackrock, only 15 minutes from Dublin city centre, the school is entirely purpose built. With its sleek lines and airy space, it has been described as much like a modern art gallery as a cookery school. The generous 3,000 sq ft space means that students can move easily from the demonstration area, through to the cooking stations and then on to the dining room. It is an immensely pleasing environment in which to forget the world and focus on learning about food.


The Three Month Certificate Course
The flagship of the school is the three month certificate course which is ideal for those on a gap year, those who want to launch a professional career or those who want to stretch their passion for food. The format has been carefully thought out to provide variety and the opportunity for an intense focus on broadening food knowledge and skills. See our site for a sense of what you can achieve over this time period.

On each course, great care is taken in recipe selection. There is a balance both of seasonal ingredients and also of techniques. Our recipes are renowned for their clear instruction but, at least as importantly, they can easily be adapted for other ingredients so that your repertoire is broadened with ease.A relaxed lunch in the dining room each day provides the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful range of dishes.

What makes the course stand out?

  • The outstanding home team are joined by top Irish chefs – including Paul Flynn and Neven Maguire well known from their TV programmes, Michelin starred Oliver Dunne and Chef of the Year Sunil Ghai, as well as Atul Kochhar and Matthew Albert from London’s most celebrated Indian and Thai restaurants respectively.

  • Field-trip visits to the home-base of some of the country’s leading food professionals, including visits to artisan producers, food markets and an overnight stay at The Tannery restaurant and cookery school in Dungarvan.

  • The unique challenge of running regular pop-up restaurant nights to acclimatise students to the comprehensive experience of hosting, organising, cooking and serving a professional meal.

  • Career and business development advice from leading industry experts, as well as support in securing work experience placements for those keen to follow a professional path – whether that be in order to work their way around the world on gap year travels, or to carve out a new professional life.

Other Courses

If a shorter course is more to your taste, go online to find out about our one month certificate course, our one week or one day courses. We are confident that we have something that will meet your needs and make your trip to Dublin hugely satisfying.

The welcome

We pride ourselves on welcoming those who have travelled from afar to come to us. We are here to advise you not just on the courses which you might choose to do with us, but how to make the best of your time in Dublin. We are also happy to recommend everything from boutique city centre B&Bs to homestay options within walking distance of the school or appartments for a longer stay; staying in Dublin has never been better value. Whatever length your visit, we want it to be a memorable time that meets every expectation.


Our staff stand out for their expertise as well as their skill as teachers. All the senior staff have exceptional professional experience and can transfer easily to and from the heat of a working kitchen.

School Director Lynda Booth has worked extensively in Canada, Italy, and with many of the names in British cooking such as Raymond Blanc in “Le Manoir au Quat’ Saisons”.

Lynda Booth, Owner Grainne Wall John Wyer

Grainne Wall was based in London for many years and worked in the more classical “Quaglinos” as well as the more unusual such as the Thai-French “Vong”.

John Wyer was head chef at the Michelin starred “L’Ecrivain” in Dublin and has also worked in Michelin star restaurants in Germany and Spain as well as elsewhere in Europe. Read the reviews for his latest venture, Mulberry Gardens in Donnybrook, to see how his expertise and creativity have built a humming reputation in the shortest of times – pure genius. John keeps the early part of the week free for the school so that we still have three senior staff who bring different specialties, different stories and different styles.

Our tutors aim to take each student to their next level. They pride themselves on building confidence in those with less experience and challenging those with more. Everyone remarks on the camaraderie and mutual respect between all the team members – it sets the tone for a warm environment.

  Dublin Cookery School
2 Brookfield Terrace
Blackrock Co
+353 (1) 210 0555
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